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WorkYoung Man, 2000ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkThe Dates, 2014ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkDay of Sorrow, 2012ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkUntitled, 1970ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkMountain, 1978ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkThe Summit, 1978ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkMan in the Desert, 2000ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkConversation, 2006ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal
WorkCoq de Barbaric, 2004ExhibitionWorks and DaysArtistSimone Fattal